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When the soul’s hate and the ancients’ philosophy transform into notes, then, what do we get? Of course the Trey AZAGTHOTH and MORBID ANGEL phenomenon. New album for which the fans of M.A. and not only were really anxious and couldn’t wait for it’s release. M.A. set for once more the standarts for what the word «death metal» means and how it is played. The classic unholy compositions for once more throw our brains to the wall. Blasphemy and sickness of Trey’s guitar cannot be done better by anyone. Punisher of drums, Pete Sandoval is here again to tyrannize our sensitive lil ears. The only missing thing is the «High-Priest» D. Vincent, the voice from Hell that made our hair float. Steve Tucker replaces him almost worthily, as, unfortunately, only D. Vincent had this sick, evil touch (Remember the vocals of «God Of Emptiness»). Thus Tucker’s voice fits with M.A.. The CD includes 14 diamonds of heavy, extreme, sick death metal. The production was done by Trey (No comments). Hell comes out of our stereo’s speakers. This album must not be missing from the record library of any death metaller who respects himself! Bite it quit!!! Blessed are the Angels!!!
Giorgos Haralambakis

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