(Osmose Productions)

There's only one word capable of describing what's going on in the new Marduk LP: destruction. Marduk concentrate on a disastrous topic, the war, and they make it an extremely aggressive musical statement, which lasts only 30 minutes. Every atmospheric element, which existed in "Nightwing" (The "Blood" theme of the "Blood Fire Death" trilogy) is violated by the warlike machine of Morgan and his warriors. "Panzerů" (The "Fire" part) is the return to Marduk's traditional style: black metal with death metal elements, stormy rhythms and extremely high speeds, that sometimes remind me of Immortal. Nevertheless, Marduk's members are really good composers and they manage to avoid repetitions. Also, their music is speedy, but not boring. They keep the balance, with simple and characteristic riffs for every track, surrounded by the strength and the tension that support the whole album. Legion's vocals are full of hatred and anger, whereas tittles such as "Christraping black metal", "Blooddawn", "Beast of prey" etc, ,make Marduk's intentions obvious. If the legendary god Marduk could take over a tank, there would "Panzer Division Marduk". So, while you are waiting for the third part ("Death") of Marduk's unholy trilogy, listen to "Panzerů" and consider the chaos created by a war.