«Medieval Demon express a gothic feeling, vampirism according to sexuality and corruption. They worship pain and pleasure. They like the idea of satanism to art and also filosophy of arcanism and sadism. So, prepare to accept the poison in your soul.». That’s what someone can read in the bio and I think it is quite representative of the band’s character. Dark, vampiric black metal with some gothic touches, that transfers you in old medieval centuries. The promo CD I received, had unfortunately only 8 of the 13 tracks. A really interesting and original creation of the greek metal scene. The production is satisfying I can say but, could be better. Rhythm guitars, black metal vocals and, the keyboards ahead... The intros are notorious! What impressed me the most, was «Queen of Sorrow». Dark synths combined with medieval melodies of violin, imprisoned in a mysterious foggy atmosphere. A really good investment which I recommend to every fan of the dark medieval vampiric Art.

Dimitris «SLATAN» Petrakis

To order: Contact Medieval Demon, Konstantinos Karras, Chrisostomou Smirnis 120, 13231 Petroupoli, Athens - Greece

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