From the Cruelty in "She's the dark" to the eroticism in "Sear me III" time stands still... After the experiment called "34,788% complete" MDB return to what they do best: they transform sorrow into music. Even before hearing the musical part, one can sense MDB's return to their past: the artwork of the cover (once again by Aaron) seems to have been forgotten in Aaron's drawer since the "Turn loose the swans" era, the old logo is back, even the title reflects the known atmosphere. This impression is strengthened once the CD is played: sheer atmospheric metal music flows into the room. The music is very much alike to that of their past (up to "I am the bloody earth" EP): atmospheric doom/death with enchanting melodies, both clear and brutal vocals. The only objection lies on the absence of the absolut sorrowful instrument: the violin. However, the bewitching keyboards, the powerful guitars and the steady rhythm section make this lack almost unimportant. It should be mentioned that the keyboards are played by Johny from the mighty Bal-Sagoth. Another innovation is the use of black vocals, a further proof of Aaron's voice abilities. Above all, though, is the domination of his clear vocals, the voice able to make every listener shiver. The lyrics complete MDB's return as the ideal expression of the darkest feelings: and actions: Cruelty ("She's the dark"), deceit("Edenbeast"), rage and revenge ("The night he died"), sorrow ("The light at the end of the world"), despair ("The fever sea"), betrayal("The Isis script"), suffering ("Into the lake of ghosts"), agony("Christliar") and, finally, passion ("Sear me III").
In conclusion, "The light..." is an unexpected masterpiece, which allows us to hope that even this light will go out when MDB's next LP is released.

Such is the life upon the isle,
of torment and woe.
Some days good. Some days bad.
And some days, even hope


Yiannis "Thrasher" Psaltakis - Melissa