ANCIENT are back with M.G.B.. An album which is something different from their previous ones, which is sure a step ahead for them. 13 great compositions constitute the album just as a fantastic cover of "Black Funeral" of Mercyful Fate which leaves us speachless! All songs are terribly great, "striking" riffs, (really metal), powerfull drums, astonishing synths, and an atmosphere for oscar. Kaiaphas gets his anger out of him, as only he knows, on the vocals! But beyond anger, romantism prevails, absolutely dark! Listen to "Sleeping Princess Of The Arges" and "Willothewisp" and you will understand. The production is excellent just as the lyrics, which are very erotic in parts. Listen Kaiaphas Screaming "I love you, I love you, I love you" and get amazed! "Vampires sucks". Well done, and good continuing, which I believe they will have!


Giorgos "Tormentor" Haralambakis

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