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(System Shock)

My interest was focused at once on this superfast album right when I got it! A group which it’s history begins in Milwakee back in 1990. Morta Skuld are distinguished by their Morbid angel-like moods, which doesn’t mean that the band is just a copy! «Surface» is a cluster of speed and agression... The drumms are killer and impressive, as they are really fast and heavy, with fast alternations. The vocals are infernal and really brutal. Reminded me a lot of Christ Barnes driving a truck! As for the bass, it’s complicated in parts, forming a special place on the whole. The guitars as everything in Morta Skuld, are not left behind, but they are fast, leading with many different rhythms and solos. 8 storms which are not about to dissapoint you. I think that titles like «Killing Machine», «Save Yourself», «If I survive» and «In Nothing We Trust» can give you some ideas of what to expect in this album...


Dimitris «SLATAN» Petrakis

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