MOB RULES-Savage Land

German Mob Rules is another band with a Heavy/Power sound which has nothing new to offer in the halls of Metal. They arrived just to show that even today, 1 step to year 2000, there is still Metal. I don't want, under NO circumstances to let mean that Mob Rules is a group with no phantasy, it's just that their ideas are some kinda banal. Their basic influences must be Gamma Ray and Scanner, as their sound reminds these bands a lot. The albums is concept and it's story reminds the case of the "Mad Max" movie (for those who haven't seen any of the three Mad Max episodes, I recommend all of them unreservedly!). Tracks that distinguish through the album are all three Savage Land, Secret Signs, Pray For Sunlight and Raining Song. For thouse who are faithful to Power Metal, I recommend this album unreservedly.

Hercules "Blindman" Horaitis