NECROFROST - "Bloodstorm voktes over Hytrungas' dunkle necrotroner"
[ Granskog productions ]


01. Veistu hve blota skal?
02. Carcass carried by the crawls of titanbats
03. Me the Thundra
04. My winter of forgotten souls
05. Raw ravens journey
06. Thulcandra
07. Slaughtered in a misanthropic intent
08. The return of animalian bloodlust
09. Nostalgia freeze the norse reaper

Coming straight up from the dephts of the blackest underground, Necrofrost is emerging on CD after a serie of ultra-cult demos to bring forth pain, despair, horror, anguish.
Not into raw productions? Then you'd better fly away from here, because compared to this Necrofrost CD even Darkthrone always had been blessed with productions Mike Jackson never had. For whom is writing these lines, this is currently the album of the year, although a new Summoning cd is coming up and this is perilous for Necrofrost's sceptre.
Raw, (raw? only?) very raw production for one of the blackest metal ever heard by human ears, I guess it has been very hard to conceive such claustrophobic riffs and atmospheres, penetrating through your ears with a malicious intent, to maim, carve and hack your brain 'til nothing is left but a bunch of useless organic material. Fast parts are terrible, somewhat unheardable given their dissonant violence; but oh, slow parts are even worse, as vitriolic as if you're willingly drinkin' sulphuric acid with joy, destructive pleasure. Hence, as soon as you (thank god and the reviewer) will have this CD in your hand go listening immediately to the fourth song "My winter of forgotten souls", over seven minutes of sufferance, but wait until the song gets into the final riff, indescribable its greatness by any language on this earth, one of the riff-of-the-Century; hear how much those notes bring you in a parallel dimension where all is evil, and winter never ends, any kind of justice is ignored and only the strongest survive. And to give you these impressions, drummer's splashes elevate themselves into a noisy, noisy underlining of each guitar chord played, something that usually disturbs even a person around you when you're listening your headphones at destructive volume. Said that every song is over the rate millions and millions of miles forward, preferred of mine are, in addition to the above, "Me the Thundra" (cold, cold, cold !) and the conclusive "Nostalgia freeze the Norse reaper", the title explains it all. Necrofrost have dragged beyond the concept of black metal, the screams are really frightening, not in a cartoonish way but sung with a really evil intention, guitars and bass fuse with the purpose to give life to a creature made of tar. This is nothing short of total black, the way it was created many years ago and, for what i am concerned, is never gonna vanish.
So don't wait for more times to come, this is a must have album, it comes even in limited 200 copies vynil version for collectors. Go checking your trusted mailorder or shop NOW!!!


Gilberto Nicola