Ningizzia - "The Dark Path"

From France, we got this really interesting demo CD of NINGIZZIA. Ningizzia combine classic/accustic instruments in their playing (Piano and acoustic guitars in the long-lasting intros of every track of theirs, escorted by the magic of violin) together with the known electric instruments. So, the musical theme of Ningizzia’s demo is a combination of both kinds of instruments, without these 2 different kinds of instruments being played at the same time... In the main subject of each track we are meeting the melodic, dark black element, which accompanies the melancholic poetical feeling with symmetry and care. Dark atmosphere prevails in both sides of their musical mask. The vocals are waving in basstoned and a bit yelled borders, dark in many parts. The guitars offer the listener clever riffs and great melodies, which are melancholic in parts as well. The bass, other times is the faithful follower of the melodies and other times follows the guitars, giving them the appropriate support. Sometimes, it becomes really fast and technical. As for the drums, they won’t let you down and leave you no borders to find a negative point on them, since the drummer (I mean, the "drum sequencer") manages to give power and volume other times in kind of fast speeds and other times in very slow parts. Main influences of the 2-members band are Septic Flesh, Opeth, Orphaned Land and Therion. The CD consists of 4 tracks, "Spirit of The Abandoned", "The Point Of No Return", "An Ode to The Realm of The Ancient Wisdom" and the homonymous "The Dark Path". The third track is accustic and gives you a dark medieval feeling. One negative element FOR SOME is maybe the long duration of the tracks that reaches some times 8 or even 15 minutes, but without dissolving the worth and quality of the compositions of the songs, which did not allow ME to get bored. Release yourselves in the dark atmosphere of Ningizzia’s music and be driven to the dark paths of the soul, back in the medieval times.

(because the production could be better!)

Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis

Here is the address for those interested to get in touch with the band:

To contact the group, you can find them through the internet, by sending them an e-mail at the address: or or through our magazine!

PS: This review was a VERY old one (was used ONLY in the PAPER version of A.O.M.) and, because I forgot to translate it, I added it online much later! Sorry Stephane!