N8 - "reality fate "

Ha! Here we are... What we have to deal with here, is the Italians N8 (What could that mean?) who, listen to that, play hard rock too (I'm gonna shit, everyone is heavy rock now) like ASHES that I mentioned before. Only though some things change here, but not too many. So... music changes to progressive, vocals are power, the guitars are not crying and the drums keep classical progressive rhythms. I will mention something that the press-release info paper mentions and, maybe you're gonna get a slight taste of whate they play, because, to tell the bloody truth, I ain't the most appropriate one to tell you since I am not even a fan of the genre. So... Imagine a line up between Black Sabbath,Alice In Cahins,Queensryche kai Dream Theater. I find them very boring though. The choice is yours.


John "Python" Koumis