Necrodeath - "Mater Of All Evil"

I am sure that when a country like Italy comes into your mind, automatically, the next thing that comes into your mind is the Power Metal scene that this country has. Well, this time, you're thrown off, because I'm not about to present another power group, but a Black-Thrash Metal band, exhumed from the old times that, after a couple of very good albums [Into The Macabre (1987) and Fragments Of Sanity (1989)] and shaked the underground movement, they disbanded in order to re-unite 10 years after and to release the ultra-aggressive solid "Mater Of All Evil". When I heard they are back in action again with new material, I said "Let's see what these guys are gonna do now". But when the CD reached my hands and was put in the CD player, I couldn't believe my ears! This album contains 11 tracks of pure armageddon of bloody satanic speed. If you like the old Slayer, Possessed (GODS), Destruction, Bathory, Dark Angel, embrace them! These guys have the 80's thrash/black feeling inside them, with fast speeds! The album is for a lot of headbanging from the beginning to the end. The production is the one that should be (not perfect and not even bad, but exactly where it has to be), their riffs remind me old eras of Thrash and the voice of Flegias spits fires! We have to mention in this point that the vocalist is a new one in the band and that their first 2 albums are already classic and rare. Those who still want them, though, can get 'em from Scarlet Records that has re-released them in CD (VINYL RULES!). This particular moment, I'm writing the review while listening to their CD and I have already reached the 11th track without having even realised! Because the songs are the one better than the other, I will only mention a few from the best ones, like "The Creature" (which opens this CD), "Iconoclast, "Black Soul", "Flame Of Malignance", "Experiment In Terror", "Hate and Scorn" etc. I wish to these guys to continue exactly this way without stoping and to become an example for the rest. If you want me though to characterize this album with one sentence, I would describe it as: PURE TOTAL-CULT, BLOODY-FAST, ULTIMATE BLACK/THRASH ARMAGEDDON! Buy unconditionally!!!

9/10Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis

PS: The album is also released in PICTURE LP version (VINYL POWER FOREVER!)
PS: And I did not write as much as I should have...