NOCTURNAL WINDS - "Everlasting Fall"

We received a very good release from the Norwegian Aftermath Music and that's "Everlastig Fall" of Nocturnal Winds. Hailing from Finland, the melodic death/blacksters have a history that begins in 1992, when Juha Pennanen (guitar) and Ville Matilainen (drums), influenced by the death metal movement of those days, created Nocturnal Winds. Based on melodic death metal, with influences from rock, black metal and classical music, Nocturnal Winds have released 2 demos in the past that were good enough to convince Aftermath Music they were talented enough. So, "Everlasting Fall" is here, with 7 songs full of heavy, melodic death/black metal feeling. The tracklist is as follows: 1. Maid From The Abyss - 2. Touch Me (The Bringer Of Sadness) - 3. Frost Divine - 4. Son Of The Winterstorm - 5. Warrior Of Light - 6. My Angel - 7. Spiritdance. Outstanding tracks are almost all of them! I couldn't separate any song as a bad one. Very good start and I wish to the guys a good continuing - which I believe they will have it!


For more info contact:
Aftermath Music
Box 721, N-7407 Trondheim
tlf: 94 52 02 99 / e-mail:

Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis