Damnation's Pride

The Swedish Obscurity are a really strong case if they are considered to be a new band, buy someone who doesn't know their ast, it will be said that they do nothing but the same things Venom, Bathory, Possessed, Kreator, Slayer and other pioneers in the extreme music, did. The truth is much different than that: Obscurity belong to the same category as the bands mentioned above. "Damnation's pride" is nothing but Obscurity's demos, that first came out about the middle of the past decade. Musically, it sounds really primitive and rough, and it takes the listener to the 80's. However, this doesn't mean that the music sounds timeworn or old. The vocals are deadly, the drums are on fire and the riffs come raging out of the speakers. In a few words, Obscurity offer to those who feel nostalgia for the past, 12 tracks of primitive thrash/black, that may not be technical or complicated, but are surely rich ion feeling and power. If it is considered to be a new release, "Damnation's Pride" is not at all original, but the fair thing is for it to be judged as an '80's LP. And the verdict is that it is not any worse than other albums of that time which were more appreciated.