(Roadrunner Records)

Whatever you say about such a godly group which it’s presence has written golden pagesin the history of death metal, it sure will be just a bunch of words. Many people say that the Obituary era is over...Who cares what they say? What we care about is that Obituary released their first live album, entitled «DEAD» (Don’t you think that this title fits PERFECTLY for a live album of Obituary?) and, ofcourse, we will buy it! The cover isn’t their best artwork (which I believe «Wold Demise» is) but you can’t say that it doesn’t speak of it self of what to expect in there! A collage of «horror-cartoons» «check Frankenstein etc). The Tardys, Frank, Trevor and Allen put fire on the scene, burn every corpse watching them, demolish everything and let every «DEAD» corpse rot slowly! As for the 16 road-rollers of the CD, will dissapoint almost no one. Why almost; Because especially in the old songs, the difference of John’s vocals is noticeable. But I do NOT think that the vocals are bad, the opossite, they’re killer! Maybe John’s voice has lost the tone that had in the «Cause Of Death» era, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t KILLER! If you were in a live concert like one of those recorded in the Cd and live the greatness of Obituary, I will not understand the difference, as your ears would rot! «DEAD» begins with «Download» where you can hear the screams of teh fans and the madness that prevails! The only disturbing and a bit negative part is that a few solos don’t exist in a few parts (like in Cause of Death and others)... «Chopped In Half» and «I’m In Pain» performimgs are awesome! In the last one there is an amazing drum solo for 30 seconds that melts your brain in the blender! There is no dissapointment with the tracklist because there are lots of tracks from every Obituary album. Buy it or ROT! But be warned: this is only for the obi-maniacs!!!.


Dimitris «Slowly We Rot» Petrakis