(Osmose Productions)

The Americans Order From Chaos return through Osmose Productions with the release of their new LP "An ending in Fire", as well as the "Stillbirth Machine" album (with "Crushed Infamy" demo as bonus). Most of you already know the second one. As far as "An Ending In Fire" is concerned, it's very raw, violent, disastrous. It is divided into three parts: "Conqueror of Fire" (which also consists of 5 parts), "There Lies Your Lord, Father Of Victories" and "Somnium Helios" (which consists of 3 parts). It should be noticed that all the tracks are connected as one and there is a void only among the 3 main parts. A remarkable "Blackened Death Metal" release, which deserves your money…

Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis