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OLD MAN’S CHILD - «ILL-NATURED SPIRITUAL INVASION» (CENTURY MEDIA) After the Phantasmagoric «The Pagan Prosperity», Galder (or else Grusom) returns together with Gene Hoglan on the drums for this time (as a session musician), to continue the great work he did in «Pagan Prosperity». Unfortunately, instead of walkin a step ahead, he waks a step back, just a small one, but it exists . «Ill-natured...» is a good album, but not what a fan could expect from Ï.M.C. as a continuing. 3 songs of the album are AWESOME, but in the whole album constitute minority. Those 3 songs I will separate, are «Towards Eternity» (Amazing intro with piano, incredible keyboards), «Captives Of Humanity» (and again, it’s intro is amazing, awesome drums which are just what was needed for the accompaniment of the melodies of this song) and «Ìy Evil Revelations», a 4min. masterpiece... Unfortunately, rest of the songs don’t have anything special to offer, something remarkable, but only some usual elements. The cover looks good, but in comparison with the last one, it’s NOTHING... Doesn’t matter of course. As for Gene Hoglan, if his participation wasn’t in the informations of the album, I wouldn’t understand it... The drumming is interesting but, they don’t seem that infernal, that fast, heavy and furious as they did with Death and Dark Angel. I would say that Hoglan doesn’t play the best he can, he just...plays... They’re really good, but, could be better of course. I would like to reffer to the lyrics, but I guess that’s impossible, as the promo version does not have any lyrics... It is really difficult for me to mark this album. With hesitation and, not that sure, I will give it the following mark, which doesn’t mean it has to affect you, as these are just tastes...


Dimitris «SLATAN» Petrakis