Black Lotus 1999

"Fight for the Innocent"... The Greek veternas of Hard Core, Olethrio Rigma are coming back in order to make a new and dynamic beginning with their cooperation with Black Lotus and their new album "Polemise gia tous Athoous - Fight for the innoscent", which, I dare to say has nothing to do with their previous albums. "Fight for the Innoscent" contains 14 tracks which are powerful enough in order to injure the ears even of the most savage listener. The addition of 2 new members in the band, which, even though it was fast, has resulted to the prescriptions for a vigorous future tot he band, since the cooperation of Nikos and Emi with the other 2 guys is totally tied up. A big "trump card" for Olethrio Rigma is the fact that they have enriched their music with thrash elements, influenced by their favorite bands like Sepultura. Another element that makes Olethrio Rigma distinguish from the rest Greek bands of the genre, is that their repertoire does not have one language as exclusiveness, but three (Greek, English and German!!!). All those who still have ambiguities and are being pondering about buying this album or not, they sure have the opportunity to see them in some kind of a gig and to form their own personal opinion, since the live showings of this band are not a few at all. The sure thing, though, is that the fanatics of thrash core will be very pleased. For the rest, I can only say "TRY IT"!!!


John "Python" Koumis