(Oskorei Productions)

Centinex - Devilry - Frostmoon/Ork

I recently received this promo from the Norwegian underground label Oskorei Productions and contains a lot of stuff! 3 releases. 2 normal ones and a split, so, we're having 4 bands here. The Swedes Centinex, the Finnish Devilry, the Norwegian Frostmoon and the Bulgarian Ork (international work!). Starting with Centinex, we got 7 death metal tracks (plus a bonus cover track in the vinyl version) from "Bloodhunt" which, I assume, is their latest work, without having any further information… So, as far as their tracks are concerned, they're very strong and fast. Centinex are nostalgic for the 80's decade and, that is proved with the vinyl bonus track which is… Death's "Mutilation" ! Amazing arrangement!
Under The Pagan Glory, For Centuries Untold, Luciferian Moon, Bloodhunt, The Conquest Infernal, Like Darkened Storms are their tracks (plus the exciting cover of "Mutilation").
And the 2nd part of the promo, are Devilry. From their release "Unleashed to Haunt", we can see they're having some serious Morbid Angel-like influences as much as a very brutal atmosphere and musical character. Infernal in-your-face guitar, cruel bass, and heavy drums! The vocals? Kinda unprecedented, but in the shades of David Vincent (in higher and more screamy frames).Very technical, but the drums' sound needs more improvement. Tracks of the band: Devilry Unleashed (that's an INFERNAL intro!!!), Sodomize the Nazarene, Crush the Light with Vengeance (killer!!!) & Destroyer. I don't know what's going on with the last one, but it's got a huge void at the end… approx. 2 minutes or something like that.
Concerning Frostmoon, we have 4 tracks from their split which is called Ancient Vardohus. The introduction of the homonymous track is very medieval and dark (call it synthesizers…). Then, the main song enters like a storm. It's production is really scamp, like every old black metal band's productions… In General, it's Norwegian. Of course, we can notice the Bathory influences here (especially from the old albums like the homonym, under the sign of the black mark etc). The track though is excellent and will not let down any of the fast and mysterious black metal genre's fans. "For Alltid" is the next song. Honestly, I have no idea if Vintersorg has participated in this one, since you can hear some vocals in the background, that remind Vintersorg A LOT. Amazing track, as well.
The Bulgarians Ork, offer us 2 melancholic masterpieces from this split (entitled "Rebellion of the Unholy Tyrants"), which are "Over Halo-Horns of Azazel" and "I come from the Space-Darklord's Attack". Black metal moods in slow rhythms with the escort of desperate recitations, slow drums and violin. Simply, masterly!
If you are interested for these releases, contact:
Oskorei Productions, PB 241 Indre Arna, 5888 Bergen, Norway
e-mail: oskorei@c2i.net

I will not give any mark since we have here 4 UNDERGROUND bands to deal with

Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis