PAGAN - "Heathen Upheaval" (Demo '98)

Here's another very interesting release by the turkish black metallers Pagan. "Heathen Upheaval" is a demo tape convoluted in a high-quality artwork (and high quality paper). It includes 6 songs plus a very atmospheric introduction. The music is very tight and carefully performed. There are many acoustic parts included along with diction throughout the whole black metal chaos. Fast speeds, quality vocals, clever guitar riffs. Of course, the appropriate drumming and a fast bassist accompany all of the above are self-explanatory. Some keyboard melodies that remind -in parts- Dimmu Borgir and, generally, some Scandinavian acts, are mixed with other interesting elements (like acoustic guitars etc). The only negative element, I believe, is the pronunciation of the vocalist. While using clear vocals, his accent sounds too Turkish. In general, we have a very interesting demo which is money's worth. Invest!


Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis

PS: To get in contact with Pagan, write to:

PK 2 Baglarbasi
81 150 Uskudar
Istanbul, Turkiye

or, e-mail the band at