Phantom Lord - "In Twilight World"
(Black Lotus)

Phantom Lord hail from our land (Greece) and after a good idea that John Fiorentis (guitar) and Aggelos Tsoukalas (drums - known by many other bands he has played in, like Power Crue etc) had - to form a group and play their own music, they abandon all of their rest bands and work on the idea called "Phantom Lord". In that era, they had session musicians and after some time, Rich Melville enters the band (he was also playing with the old and local BUST). After a while, Vasilis Aksiotis comes as well and the band started playing in several festivals and other gigs. Then, they started to record "In Twilight World" after they signed a contract with the local Black Lotus Records. Their vein reminds me a lot of 80's Heavy Metal but, to be more precise, they reminded me a lot of bands like Anvil, Accept and others. Especially the beginning of "Proven Innocence" somehow reminded me the beginning of Anvil's "Forged In Fire". The guys though have talent and I believe that if they continue this way and harder, they will advance! Songs that I enjoyed a lot were "Phantom Lord", "See You In Hell", and "Beheading The Night", even though all the songs of this album have a lot to say and offer, so, listen to the whole album and not only these. The only flaw I can find in them, is the voice that, in my opinion, I would suggest to be more complicated and not in one style like the high-toned vocals that this guy usually uses and tire the listener, a bit... Also, I believe that they should of be careful a little bit more as far as the drums' sound is concerned, even though all these are not such a special problem for the listener, in order to listen to them. The sum is not bad at all. Support them because they deserve it and do not let you untouched AT ALL.

8/10Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis