Paul Rodgers - "Electric"

I do not know how many of you are occupied with BLUES and classic 60's-70's rock. If not, then I shall guide you. Paul Rodgers is one of the legends of the 60's-70's that, in 1968 releases his first discographic work with "Free" and the album was entitled "Tons Of Sobs". In 1973, "Free" get disbanded while Paul searches already for musicians and after he finds, he forms "Bad Company" (the guy is a history) and start recording some tracks in the veins of rock and, if I am not wrong, "Bad Company" must have also played in the legendary "Woodstock" but, I am not quite sure about this. In 1983, he released his first personal album entitled "Cut Loose" while he had left from Bad Company. In his history, he's got 27 discographic works of which the 5 are personal, including a "Live". "Electric" is his new album which was released a few months ago and is a very good example of mature Rhythm N Blues and Rock N Roll. Those who know Paul Rodgers will listen to songs like "Drifters" that will remind him the good moments of "Bad Company", or like other tracks like "Deep Blue" or "Walking Tall" where Paul shows he can play Blues with Rock. Also, I liked "Freedom" with the rhythmic melody on the drums, the bass but also the guitar of Rodgers that releases the whole modulation of the music from inside it. We are not dealing with a Heavy Metal guitarist here (even though I believe that, in order to be called musician AND guitarist, you shouldn't only play metal and, of course, this doesn't mean that anyone who plays metal is layman - not at all!) but with a guy who has witnessed the best seasons of ROCK and the guitar that he plays produces a lot of emotion and plays like only a few. All those who have understood what kind of music this is all about, they should buy it and, I am sure that Paul will electrify them with his guitar and music

8/10Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis