Depresy - "Sighting"

Rhapsody - "Emerald Sword" & "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands"
(Limb Music)

HYMN... if this word is capable to describe the emotions that gush from a song like "Emerald Sword". No need to mention "Where Dragons Fly" and the re-recording of "Land Of Immortals". The Rhapsodists of power, succeeded another step towards the top, by composing an album like "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands" that awards metal in our century's CLASSICAL MUSIC. And this, because they harmonized the classical elements with metal, just like in their previous album, with their own, unique way. By listening to the album, the most epic images of mythic seasons, lost in the world's history. Rhapsody evoke myths and legends from the depths of centuries with their music. So, if there is a group today that innovates in a way in the power sections, then, this group is Rhapsody.

Hercules "Blindman" Horaites