Roots III - "A Trilogy - See The Evil - Hear The Evil - Speak The Evil"
(Root Of All Evil)

Root Of All Evil is a company that comes from America and is being administrated by Earl Root. It's purpose is to promote some bands that do not have the appropriate opportunities to be presented in the wide audience. It's not about a big company but it's doing a respectful try to promote some groups that really need it. In the specific case this is the 3rd collection of the label and, even though it contains 22 tracks, is being sold in the price of a maxi single. But this specific collection, in my opinion, I wouldn't say that is worthy too much, since most of the bands in this CD do not even know what they play. So, let's go:

1st track:
Walhalla - "Battlefield Genesis": This song comes from a limited three-song promo/demo that the band has released. In this song, members from "Thy Serpent" are also participating. The style of the band is Swedish death metal with many good riffs. I also must mention that the band has also released an album by Root Of All Evil Records. Best wishes for a good continuance!!!

2nd track:
Opaque - "Crossing": The song is taken from a demo of the band that its style waves in the streets of Pantera... I have to mention though, that the voice, is SO similar to Phil Anselmo's that I'm starting to think of the case that Phil Anselmo could possibly participate in them, at the same time with Pantera! The song is not anything special. So and so, I could say...

3rd track:
Impaler - "Grave Robbers From Outer Space": I did the review to these guys' last CD, entitled "It Won't Die". Impaler is the diamond of Root Of All Evil Records and have about 4 albums in their history. These guys use corpsepaint and get on the stage like zombies. Their style waves in dark-punk with rock n' roll elements and, I believe, that they are very good! This song is taken from "It Won't Die" and it is live!

4th track:
Sam Black Church - "We got the youth": These guys play some kinda strangely and they have some riffs that sometimes are heavy and other times aggressive. But they also remind me of Pantera. The vocalist in some parts, like a priest who chants and sings out of tune sometimes. Then, he brays and the track becomes faster.

5th track:
The Bizzy Smeer Project - "Population: No one": These guys are a pure hubbub of punk, hardcore elements played with drum machine. "Fuck You" etc. And, besides this, it also has a total jackassery introduction.

6th track:
Usurper - "Soul Stalker": An Unreleased track from a demo of the band. The band is already in Necropolis Records and has already released a CD that I do not like at all! I am never about to hear a worse production than that, in a black metal band! Monotony and pure H-U-B-B-U-B ! BULLSHITS! We just have shit to release, no matter how this shit smells!

7th track:
DRACACULON - "Christians": Well, I would never expect this from a band, no matter what!!!! Think of a hubbub-metal band with meaningless music and Donald Duck in the vocals... Yes, you read this correctly! DONALD DUCK! So, if you're psychologically depressed and cannot laugh with ANYTHING, DRACACULON WILL LOOK AFTER YOU!!! And even only this track was the only one in the CD, I would keep it in order to laugh.

8th track:
Lorde Of All Desires - "Crowned In Blasphemy": It's about a live track from MTN TV. Now, there's a serious band, after those pantofles I heard before! Good-enough black metal with very good riffs but, especially the first one, is incredible... These guys have released an album from Root Of All Evil, which I haven't really heard, but from other persons, I have heard only good comments about it...

9th track:
Kronk - "Do Me In": This track is taken from their CD entitled "Chronic Dreams". Now, I don't really know what these guys are doing. A not at all good production with vocals sometimes harsh and sometimes like a stallion is talking... Not my style. Unsuccessful grind/death.

10th track:
Squirm - "Naked With A High-Powered Riffle": The song enters with the music of the worldwide very well-known series "The Fat And The Thin" (as well call know it in Greece). Now, what is this? Shitty Punk! Nothing more...

11th track:
Swordkiller - "Evil Has No Fear": Damn them for a band! Drums from a cheap synthesizer of momma, the guitar is somewhere in the north, the bass... eer, what bass? The vocals are somewhere in the south from a little piece of kidshit that acts like his momma didn't get a coca cola for it... Simply, think of 3 shitkids playing their organs (not the musical, the physical ones) and decamp the whole neighbourhood... If I recorded my toilet's water-closet, it would produce some kind of a melody! This one, produces nothing but shit! Mr. Root! I wonder how the hell you accepted to put this less-than-piece-of-shit band in this collection! "Come over here to listen to some GREEK metal groups!!!"

12th track:
Bryan Bart - "Illogical Recording": The title speaks for itself! It's all about a solo-guitarist who, turns the music to thrash metal, while playing jazz! And after that, he takes you to something totally different! The song begins good but is being spoiled later.... You can't sit and listen to it! In some time, the music plays backwards. What more can I say...

These are some of the songs of this collection that its main purpose is to promote all of these bands... OK, it's a good try, but next time, I wish that this collection will contain more serious artists. but anyone who is interested to send a demo or anything else to Root Of All Evil, do not hesitate!

The address is:
Root Of All Evil Records, 636 N. Snelling Ave., St Paul, MN 55104 - USA.
Telephone: (001) (651) 644 20 70
Fax: (001) (612) 724 72 53

I would like to personally apologize to Earl Root for taking so long to give his albums to the magazine's chief editor for publicizing them...

Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis