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It is really difficult for me to critisize this album! It is a 100% professional circulation. If I wasn't feeling so nostalgic for the old black days of the infernal "Non Serviam" and the ultradark "Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers" (not to mention the other masterpieces), I could very easily say that "Sleep Of The Angels" is the best so far LP for the greek pioneers! But it seems impossible for me, to say something like that...It is a really very dark album, full of performing excellence and symmetry and a sence of professionalism. It consists of 10 tracks, from which "After Dark I Feel" and "Victoriatus" (they are connected as one) really outstand. The LP starts in a dynamic way with "Cold Colours". In general, the album a step ahead, from the characteristic, for the band, golden eras of "Non Serviam" and the rest of their circulations. To be more specific, I will mention "Sleep The Sleep Of The Angels", which I didn't particularly like for a Rotting Christ track, as it is very slow, purely atmospheric, with mostly whispering vocals, full of keyboards. And not only this track, but also "Der Perfecte Traum" and many others are following the lines of gothic elements. Tracks that can not satisfy the old fans of the band. In general, the band's aggression is replaced by the dark element. It should be noticed that in the record participates the vocalist of a German gothic band, but I can't remember its name. The gothic influences are obvious throughout all the tracks. I believe though that for many fans, especially for the old nostalgians of the glorious days of Rotting Christ, "Sleep Of The Angels" will be a dissapointment. I'm open-minded and I would give it a high mark, if it was released under a different name. I can't believe that Rotting Christ is the band that released this album. If it wasn't a R.C. album, I believe I would rate it with 9/10 as a very good atmospheric metal album. Just because the music doesn't fit with the band's history and name, I will be severe...
Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis

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