Rafferty Rules - "Outburst"
Self-Financed underground release

I didn't know what to expect when I firstly put this CD to play. Feels like a familiar feeling, doesn't it?
I have to say that these 3 songs that the guys from Salonica sent me, are almost excellent. Almost? Well, alright, I have a severity crisis again and believe that there is nothing perfect. Almost, at least!

We have 3 songs to deal with over here, from a good band, hailing from a town with very good bands like Atavism (now that's a review I still have to put on! Damn!). Namely, "Nobody and Nothing", the self-titled song of this CD and "Living Silence". I think that I enjoyed the second one most of all, even though, "Nobody..." is a good surprise for a starter!

The following words would be good enough to show what elements their music contains:
Hard core, Pantera, Machine Head, good thrash elements, good drumming, very nice and clever guitar riffs, aggressiveness. Some voices remind me the few "industrial" parts of Obituary's "World Demise", but they are not mixed in the music, rather than in the FX put in the background (voices, as I said). They reminded me a lot of Disarray, a band from the states (there is a review for them in the old reviews too), as well as a bit of Less Than Human (GR).

Rafferty Rules combine aggressiveness with melody and calm vocals, but only in a very few parts, which, I would consider as positive, since they do not give us an overdose of them, neither with any other element in their music... The only thing that I didn't like that much, could be the excessive iteration of a few lyrics, in the beginning of "Nobody and Nothing". However, that is not really that important, I believe...
Also, I have to mention the fact that the clean vocals in combination with the aggressive ones, in the beginning of the first song, reminded me a little bit of Korn's "blind", which gives a Hard Core colour to the whole.

The production is very satisfying, for the Greek underground standards, I believe. Not a perfect one OF COURSE, but definitely not a bad one! Balance in the mixing andeasily distinguished instruments!

One of the very very good underground releases of Greece and the worldwide underground death/hardcore scene, I would say, especially if it is a debut demo release!!! If I was asked to give it a characterisation, perhaps that could be "Hard core containing death vocals and quite many metal elements".

Just some background information, for those interested, Rafferty Rules exist since the age of 1996 and they play together for 2 years, with today's line-up. They are looking for a contract with a label, which I believe that they will be able to obtain much easier from some other bands...

Well done and I hope that they will have a great continuance, for they deserve it!!!


Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis

Contact the band at:
38333 VOLOS

e-mail: jv_ions@hotmail.com
website: raffertyrules.8k.com