Reflections Revert - "The Judgement Of Shallow Life"

Here we go. 4 new creations from the Cretan Reflections Revert, from which the first one is an orchestral introduction. Indeed a very nice introduction. The continuance? Well, for those who have heard Reflections Revert's 1st demo release, entitled "Unveiling The Mirroring Delusion", they will notice a huge difference as far as the performing section is concerned. Vasilis C. has left the band for unknown reasons but he has contributed in the musical composition of "The Judgement...". Vasilis is replaced by Spyros K. who has a higher tone in his vocals and is dareful enough to develop his vocal abilities to the maximum, but he sometimes gets a little bit out of range. That is, he DOES have very good vocals but needs to work a little bit more. The tone could be characterized as clear with power metal expectations. Now, I like to refer on the bassist: Whoa! This guy knows how to play! Talented enough, Michael K. is good enough for a progressive band, which Reflections Revert could be characterized like this very easily, since the rhythm section is pretty technical and complicated. The rhythm section? Yes, I forgot the drummer. Minas V. is very known in Heraklion or, to be more precise, on the whole island for his amazing drumming abilities! What about the guitars now? Nikos T. has left the band and was replaced by Manos S. (who is the band's founder and formerly bassist) and Angelos T. (as a guest musician with a couple of great guitar solos in "A Requiem To Artistry?" and "Embraced By Expiation") who are both very satisfying. In "Embraced By Expiation" which is the 3rd track, one can meet the extra participations of Hercules H., Kelly T. and Helen P. I have to mention that there is a typo-mistake in the CD's booklet where one can read that these individuals have participated in the 4th track, entitled "Impulse Definite". Now, as far as the artwork is concerned, I smell "3D Studio Max" here... The cover is very nice (with only a few imperfections) and one can see the cover of their first demo in a... painting! The back cover is the same as the cover but only from a different... point of view! Last but not least, the production: For the local levels, it's the best possible. Objectively, though, is a little bit poor and the band needs to invest more. But how much easy is this when you have to travel AT LEAST to Athens to record an album? We all know the difficulties that an underground band faces when it comes to a release of its work (and not only)...

In general? A very good effort but still needs a lot of improvements, practice, experimentation and progress! Even though every member of the part has remarkable performance skills, they become monotonous and without a wide range of multiformity. Still, it's a good demo CD with 4 tracks and damn worthy to get it and support this promising band, for only 2000 drahmas (in Greece) or 3000 drahmas (outside of Greece) from:

Reflections Revert, 7 Papagianni Skoula Str., 71 305, Heraklion, Crete - Greece. 7/10

Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis