Demo tape - 1999

STENDOR are kind of a new band coming from the depths of Lamia who, 2 years ago released the 1st pretty promising demo, "King Of Winter".
The style of their music waves in relatively SPEED POWER paths, that bring in your mind of HELLOWEEN of Walls Of Jericho in parts and that, other times, other bands in the same style that have a wind of EPIC element. Personally, they reminded me of POWER of the 85 era as well as today's, which is pretty plenty in our days. The goods of this band is that they generally have good ideas (and they can have better ones as well!), good riffs in general lines, nice solos and a really promising voice, even though sometimes does some dissonances. I believe that with a few more work it will completely settle down and will sound top-ranking. Also, I would say that in some phases it reminded me a little bit of SACRED STEEL and even from older school, POWER METAL vocals. Keep the good work.
What destroys them a bit perhaps, is the production which is not good and results to the loss of the songs. I hope that in the other demo it will be better.
Something else that I noticed is the DRUMS which still need a little bit of work, since I personally believe that there can be a few more filled parts in many riffs and generally, to become more tight and coiled up so that they will tight up with the bass.
I also have to say that KING OF WINTER is a concept story which unfortunately I do not know. This, though, is something that would encourage you to get this DEMO. The only thing that I do not for the concept is that it must have something related with a king. Also, something else that I observed is that they have a little bit big songs like for example KING OF WINTER which, I believe, should have been done a little bit smaller. All these, though, are a matter of time and work, as well as of good will which I wish the group has. We will wait for their new step, based on this one that they released kinda long time ago. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!

Contact with them in the following address:

35 100

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