At last, Mr Chief-editor finally gave me (gave me? Only God -that is me- knows, what kind of clouts I ate from the tartarean editorial entities of Altars Of Metal in a local cafe) a promo of a big and famous band, and we're not talking about ANY band, but for the beloved -from everyone- SAXON. So, Saxon return harsher with a millennium album of 11 tracks, entitled "Metalhead". I admit that, the first time I listened to it, my head didn't "click", but this didn't take much time, since Saxon's music, fortunately remains Saxon and, nowithstanding the big and hard way their minds have covered, they haven't changed like some others did (No, "Gandalf"... I am not talking about Metallica). Anyway, let's get back to the point. What should I describe first?! The guitar storm that hits you like your mom when you're secretly eating jam (I dunno about yourselves, but I liked it a lot when I was being beaten - Oncle Lupis is vicious, isn't he?), the rhytmic and rabid drums that make your heart change its own rhythm (Where the Hell did I find all these nice comments? I'm a poet) the classic vocals that are anything but boring, but, in reverse, navigate you to other eras (not in the medieval ones, Babi!!!) and the guitaristic/accustic parts that smooth you in order to relax you, preparing you for what is about to follow. In a few words... This albums is SAXON and, as a folk vocalization says... Words are wasteful


John "Python" Koumis