Susperia - "Predominance"
Nuclear Blast


What should I listen to firstly (what super-releases are these, all released these days!!!) ? So, Susperia are the group that Tjodalv has formed, right after his departure from Dimmu Borgir. I can say that I was amused with the album the have released. Divine songs, all of them - black metal (with some industrial elements - see blood on my hands) which kills - does not remind Dimmu Borgir but is less certain that a few would compare it. Listening to the album I can distinguish a few thrash/death parts, even doom. It is a seen to not have heard the absolute epos OF HATE WE BREED which brings in mind the unconquerable DISSECTION. The solos are very well worked out and the drums kick ass. I am certain that in some time a big part of the extreme metal audience will be talking about them... The fact that Tjodalv has left Dimmu Borgir seems that turned out good, because we expect good results from both sides...


Chris "Up The Irons" Tarantilis