Satyricon - "Rebel Extravaganza"

At last, Satyricon return after the boisterousness of EPs, with their full-length album "Rebel Extravaganza". The abundant hatred in Satyr's and Frost's eyes in the cover, intimates for the content. Tremendous corpsepaint, astonishing photographs and, generally, a very "REBEL" situation. The CD's 64 minutes reimburse Satyricon's fans in every mean. From the first "Tide in Bronze Chains" until the last "The Scorn Torrent" we accept a boisterousness of violent and extremistic black metal. Bombers (B-52) the drums, cheetah-guitar, pure hatred vocals and a soft mood for experimentations. These are what you have to expect from Satyricon in the new album. Any experimentations and ideas though, offer something more to the general sum and make it more fill, giving it a feel of chaos, catastrophy and decadence. Satyricon are back and continue kicking asses!

George Haralambakis