Sadistic Noise "A Decade In The Grave" Seven  
Salem "A Moment of Silence" ???  
Samael "Eternal" Century Media  
Saturnus "Martyre" Euphonius Records
Satyricon "Intermezzo II" Nuclear Blast  
Satyricon "Rebel Extravaganza" Nuclear Blast  
Saxon "Metalhead" SPV
Sculpture "Sculpture" Nuclear Blast  
Sepsism "Purulent Decomposition" Repulse  
Septic Flesh "A Fallen Temple" Holy Records  
Septic Flesh "Revolution D.N.A." Holy Records  
Shadows Dance Promo CD Self Produced  
Shadows Fall "Of One Blood" Century Media
Shelter "When 20 Summers Pass"
Skew Siskin "What the Hell" SPV
Slayer "Diabolus In Musica" Sony Music  
Sodom "Code Red" Drakkar  
Soul Reaper "Written In Blood" Nuclear Blast  
Stardrowned "Creatures Of Abigor" Self Produced  
Stardrowned "Promo '99" Self Produced
Stigmatheist "It All Ends Today" Euphonius  
Stratovarius "Infinite" Nuclear Blast
Summoning "Stronghold" Napalm  
Supreme Majesty "Divine Enigma" Loud 'N' Proud Records
Swan Christy "Today Died Yesterday" Black Lotus  
Swordmaster "Deathraider" Osmose Productions