«A Fallen Temple» is very special, because it is the link between the present and the past of Septic Flesh. The CD starts with 4 new songs, which are indicativeof the sound, adopted by S.F. in their recent LPs. The slow rhythms dominate, and they are capable of travelling the listener to other dimensions, whereas the speedy parts are few. The brutal male vocals are exchanged with the normal ones, and Natalie’s vocals are really extraordinary. Each song is characterised by complexity, which is part of every one of S.F.’s compositions. The next four songs are the «reincarnation» of the four compositions, which are included in the, very difficult to find, mLP «Temple of the lost race». Although the music’s prematurity is obvious, the complexity, which, in its more delicate form, accompanies the band even today, can easily be seen through these songs. The circle ends with a «dark version» of «The eldest cosmonaut» and the continuation of «Underworld». It should be reffered that these two songs (Underworld acts I,II) are a very original creation: two slow, theatrical songs, with narrative form, as far as the male and female vocals are concerned, which give the impression that they are connected to an inner dialogue. Both the CD’s artwork and the lyrics can surprise the listener because of the directness with which they approach the musical part. The fitire belongs to Septic Flesh. Besides, they themselves declare:
No traps can seize me
No tombs can seal me


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