Shadows Dance - "Promo CD"

EXCELLENT! From the first seconds one can be amazed from this band's performance! Excellent female vocals in escort with the fast and very tight music. Performed in a symphonic style, piano and keyboard compositions, the female vocals sound like another instrument in the music of Shadows Dance. The male vocals are very dark and brutal. Much variety in several elements exists. Elements like the bells in the background, astonishing melodies in the guitar sections, as well as the -clever enough- riffs. This promo consists of 4 masterpieces, entitled "Eternal Moment", "Astral Terror", "The Marriage" and "Light". The band itself characterize their music as "something between metal, gothic, symphonic". The band is looking for a label to release their upcoming material and I believe they will not meet any difficulties in that (hopefully)! I recommend this release unconditionally!


Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis

Here is the address for those interested to get in touch with the band:

Theodoropoulos Dimitris

26 Chalkidonos Str.