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At last! The new album of the GODS §|LË¥ÓR was released after a delay of several months. At least I can say it was worthy waiting for it as the result is incredible, worthy of the name that SLAYER created. Musically continues right from where «Divine Interviention» stopped. The compositions are godly for one more timewith riffs that rivet you. Hannneman and King prove us that they are one of the best guitaristic twins, while Bostaph is a true storm behind the drums. Araya’s vocals are just AMAZING and escape from the standard frames. Songs that differentiate are Bitter Peace, Overt Enemy, Perversions of Pain, Desire êáé Scrum, which doesn’t mean of course that the rest lack. For sure, the best thrash album of the year but just because it’s still hasn’t become classic, I will mark it only with:

Yiannis «The Thrasher» Psaltakis

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