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After the successful «Postmortem Tales», the Swordmasters return with the MCD «Deathraider», which contains 5 songs, (7 in the vinyl version), one of them being a cover version of Roky Erikson and the Aliens’ «Stand for the fire demon». The first three songs continue the tradition of «P.T.», as far as the music and the lyrics are concerned: old-fashioned thrash/death, vocals that directly refer to the past decade, smart riffs, stormly drums and the 80’s phantom wanders around and spots every composition. «Iron Corpse» approaches death/grind whereas «Stand...» differs from the isial stule of the Masters. As far as the cover is concerned, it could be described as tasteless, but it contributes to the pursued revival of the past. Without any will to adjust to today’s trends, Swordmaster continue to play pure death/thrash, sticking to the exact kind of music, by which they were brought ip. Can anyone blame them for sticking to the past and of persistence to past values?


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