SODOM - "Code Red"
(Drakkar Records)

The new SODOM masterpiece is out and, believe me, it's the best album that has been released since "Better Off Dead"! A new thrash metal masterpiece that outsands among every release of 1999. An album that some people claim it copies Slayer in their latest works. How could this be possible? Slayer have changed a lot and are no more a classic thrash metal band. So, we have an album here that has nothing to envy from any other presend thrash metal band. I believe that Sodom have progressed a lot and that they are the kings of thrash, nowadays! Code Red consists of 13 new superb tracks, full of amazing guitar solos, light-speed drums and killer vocals! Songs that outsand: Code Red, The Vice Of Killing. The CD is accompanied by a tribute to SODOM. 15 tracks covered by Cradle Of Filth, Impaled Nazarene, Krisiun, Dark Funeral, Luciferion, Atanatos, Decayed Remains, Enthroned, Desaster, Swordmaster, Revenant, Goddess of Desire, Order from Chaos, Brutal Truth and Randallica. Actually, the track I want to refer, is Sodomy and Lust by Cradle of Filth. A track that others believe is covered amazingly, and others (including me) that has been "slaughtered". Burst Command Til War by Impaled Nazarene is also another excellent cover as well as "Agen Orange" by Revenant, Nuctemeron by Order from Chaos and "Remember The Fallen" by Dark Funeral. The rest of the covers are characterized by mediocrity.

Anyway, 2 CDs in the price of a single CD, are a very good purchase, especially when the CD we're talking about is a killer thrash metal release by SODOM! Undeniably one of the best releases of the year!


Dimitris "SLATAN" Petrakis