(Self-liquidated release)

Along with the NWOSDM that has exploded lately, now it explodes from the underground side with the Swedish "STORMRIDER" who are coming as well to conquer a place in this whole movement. Their new, second work entitled "GOD IS DEAD" (yeah, you're evil!!!) which is DEMO CD, contains 4 Swedish death metal compositions, filtered with a lot of influence from Slayer and played with an aggressive style (killer!). Their music reminded me bands like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and many other of the same genre. Fast drums, fast guitars and generally, I would say that they have a future and they will please many (while even though they play pretty well, this style pleases many people now and this is one more reason for them to have a contract). The only negative element I observed, is the vocal that ends up very monotonous from the first even song. I believe he will have to change the way he sings. Elsewise, everything is alright and the production which is satisfying for a demo and, generally, with a small exception, the over which is the same as BESTIAL DEVASTATION of SEPULTURA and it is totally shit. Check them out in the following address:

Köpmanvagen 39
197 30 BRO

Phone: +46 70 355 1707