SKEW SISKIN "What the Hell"

Fanatics of AC/DC, unite! Skew Siskin (totally unkown - another promo without release info paper again) is a 4-members band with female vocals and come as if they were children of the aforementioned to state their existance and to vouchsafe themselves in the rock/heavy scene (this time, the characterization is correct). 15, oh yes, 15 tracks will really make your CD ROCK! If you prefer it this way, with classic rock "banners" like Sex Love Dance Music, Head Up Your Ass (this one reminds me something), Life Sucks (boohoo, life is a bitch), Let's Get Drunk & Screw (damnit, Lemmy! They're stealing your words...) and other drunkfuckingwhoresocial messages. If you are one of those who like to bounce besides baning their heads and shake their asses, if you're nostalgians of Zztop's rock n roll, fans of AC/DC, stuck to Motörhead, driving a pip-squeak and call it a Harley, have the unforgettable Koutalianos (R.I.P.) as a paragon, then, Skew Siskin will remain in your disk box forever.


John "Python" Koumis