(Napalm Records)

Silenius and Protector continue their wandering in J.R.R. Tolkien's dreamy world with "Stronghold". The album consists of 9 tracks, covered by a foggy veil of melancholy. Summoning play a fine kind of atmospheric black metal. They use slow rhythms and many melosdies. The result, though, is really imposing. The keyboards are the stronghold's main guard, whereas the demonic vocals warn and invite at the same time. There are female vocals (an essential element for the majority of the other bands in the scene) in just one track. This means that their contribution in the creation of the LP's melancholic and dynamic atmosphere is very small. When listening to "Stronghold" one feels the same as when listening to "Omnio" by In The Woods: peace and uneasiness, quietness and tension. These combinations are contradictory, as well as enchanting. The stronghold's gates are wide open. The brave ones should proceed.