SEVEN WITCHES - City Of The Lost Souls

SEVEN WITCHES are a very good group that hasn't still found any wide recognition, unfortunately. For all thos who do not know of them, they play very dynamic and straightforward metal, beginning from Metal Church, AC/DC until EXCITER. This new album finds them in a great shape, since, from the beginning of the CD the "The Answer" and "Witching Hour" songs wipe you with no mercy. The outstanding vocals of Bobby Lucas offer a different touch to every song, even to the top "POUNDING METAL" of EXCITER. Incredible riffs of Jack Frost that rise to prominence through the fearless power of the rhythm section of Billy (The Kid) Mez (Bass) and John (Ozzy) Osborn (drums). 10 tracks-cannons that you must get at any cost!!!


Mike "Caesar" Stavrakakis

PS: "No Man's Land" is the best thing I've listened to, lately!!!