SWK - "Connection"

We have an Italian group to deal with, over here, which has escaped from the fashion of this country to export power metal bands. SKW is the abbreviation of the name SKYWALKER which they have changed with the release of their first work, in order to express in a better way the violent technological and powerful band they have. As far as the group itself is concerned, imagine something stronger than Metallica and Monster Magnet and much more waker than Pantera. They play with sharp riffs, aggressive enough, technical with a very few tribal elements, with many alterations, with an enforced bass and nightmarish solos!
The biggest trump of the band is the vocalist who really kicks ass! This guy vomits raw violence. The rest of the guys don't offer anything substantial in the compositions of Connection and, unfortunately, things that we have heard before.

Oasis in this CD of these 12 songs is "MY CURE" ! Top! Lyricwise, they are not waving somewhere specifically, but mainly in up-to-date issues. In the section of production they have done a very good work and everything sounds right and, every element in its role. Connection, as a work itself, isn't something bad, but you must really like this kind of music in order to invest on it!

Fans of Monster Magnet and Fear Factory, attack this one! The rest, I believe, we could refrain from it without having a psychological cost ;)

Dimitris "Privateer" Haniotakis