THERION - "Deggial"
(Nuclear Blast)
I can say that, having "Deggial" in my hands, I expected to hear another masterpiece. Of course, I wasn't disproved, since "Deggial" is indeed another masterpiece. It waves in the trails of Vovin, combining metal flawlessly with classical music, giving an unspeakable lyricism but also a violent musical beauty. With more musical instruments and its predecessor and more accustic guitars which create a tremendous atmosphere and get lead in deafening outbreaks. Remarkable is the participation of Hansi Kürsh in a song, as well as the cover version of "o fortune" from Carrina Burance of Carl Orff, which left me speachless. So, a new inspired creation from the great (not only musically but also quantitaively) band of Therion, which is really worthy to be bought

Michael Stavrakakis