Testament are back with their best lineup ever and an album, which is capable of competing with Bay Area's best moments. This album is one of the best releases for this year. You should buy it at once, unless you've already bought it. The line-up seems to be a kind of an all-star band in the thrash/death scene. Chuck Billy's vocals have sometimes thrash and sometimes death style, and they offer a different touch to the songs. The guitaristis are Eric Peterson, one of the two remaining founding members, and James Murphy, who has also played with many other bands. And now, about the rhythm section: the bass is played by Steve Di Giorgio (the best metal bassist and one of the top heavy bassists) and the drums are played by Dave Lombardo (what could you say about him?). When all these musicians are gathered, the result can be nothing but a dynamite LP, full of power and rage. And that's what "The Gathering" is like. Powerful tracks, that combine modern thrash/death with the old Bay Area thrash. Sometimes, the guitars remind me of Exodus and Bay Area thrash in general, and sometimes they sound like death metal from Florida. As a result of the incredible skills of both the drummer and the bass player, the bass, along with the drums, creates one of the best rhythm sections. There is only one disadvantage, and that is the very few solos. This LP is highly recommended, as it is one of the best thrash/death releases.

8½ /10

John "Thrasher" Psaltakis