Terror 2000 - "Slaughterhouse Supremacy"

I really have no clue or never understood why swedish metal bands are so mach alike to each other! Terror 2000 (formerly known as Killing Machine but they were forced to change their name because another Swedish band had that name already) may remind a lot of bands like At The Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, but they have at least something new to offer in the halls of NWOSDM: Speed! Thery're fast as hell! These guys play as fast as Sodom do in "Code Red". "Slaughterhouse Supremacy" consists of 9 creations that, as the press info says are a fast, aggressive and bonecrushing mix between Kreator, At The Gates, Judas Priest & 80's Bay-Area Thrash but I'm not that sure about the Judas Priest part. The album was recorded at underground stydios/Sweden (Carnal Forge, Necrodeath, Ebony Tears, Lost Souls...) and the production is the appropriate one for this album. The band features Darkane and Soilwork members. "Slaughterhouse Supremacy" has a great artwork and is also available in limited picture/vinyl version, for those little crazy collectors. I will only say: BUY IT OR DIE!


Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis

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