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«In My Dreams... I Am Armageddon»

I received this GREAT promo from Norway’s Aftermath Music and was amused by it. A new band from the frozen northlands, «The Embraced», released their debut album in July ’98. Dark melodic death metal, lack metal vocals combined with etherial female ones. Great drumming, interesting guitars and very good bass. There are also many heavy metal elements, like in the guitars. 9 magnificent songs of pure holocaust that will transfer you to a dark dreamland, in a northern, dark and frozen forest. A misty atmosphere imprisoned in 9 masterpieces. Accustic guitars in some parts, a couple of heavy riffs and many different elements.There is also an accustic song, «The Last Embrace». The most aggressive songs are «Split» and «Dreamspawn». I would characterize «In My Dreams (I am Armageddon), «Dreamspawn», «The Demon Storm», «As Darkness Falls» & «Atumn Leaves» as the best ones. The only negative -I would say- part, is maybe the production, which could be better, I think. Nevertheless, I recommend this CD to every fan of melodic death/black. A very good investment.
Dimitris «SLATAN» Petrakis

PS: Whoever wants to contact The Embraced, the address is:
Aftermath Music, Box 721, N-7001 Trondheim, Norway

E-mail: ruholm@online.no phone: 0047 73940475.

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