The Eleven Pictures - "Superficial To The Core"
(Mascot Records)

Even though I am not in position to sit down and write for this CD, from the other hand I have to do it (you see, with some of the CDs we get, some are COMPLETELY irrelevant). The specific band is not bad at all (for its genre, always), but it's not my style either. "Eleven Pictures" remind me of the commercial English and American fake-rock bands that you listen when you wanna go and dance and have fun in a BAR. That is, nothing essential or deep, but just to have some fun, when you feel just fine, or to listen to it in a beach or something. This CD contains 12 tracks in this kind of style. I do not know if this is their first CD or not, but if there is any kind of a DJ that plays such kind of music in any kind of Club or Bar, he should have it. Their style reminded me some kind of Nirvana. For the rest, keep away! METAL TIL DEATH! ALTERNATIVE, STAY OUT!


Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis