(Blood and Guts Music)

Honestly, trying to explain Digital Beethoven On Speed to the rats of society who cannot recognize the world beyond their immediate environment (both geographically and historically) as more than a novelty to go take a break from "every day life", that the planet is in fact here to explore and learn as much as possible about while we spend our measly 70 or so years here (I'm sorry if you're someone who has had a rough life and each minute is an eternity of torrential pain, if this is truly the case why are you still here reading, there's razor blades at the store) is sort of like telling David Duke that the first person who died for the American Revolution was indeed a black man (thanks Neel)...there's just a serious conflict of interest going on so leave it be and go enjoy yourself elsewhere. THE GREAT KAT is one such explorer who has catalogued some of her wonderful gall and love for music into an interactive CD-ROM presentation where not only will you find various Kat speeches, autobiographical tidbits, articles, reviews and fan club participants, but also descriptions of many major classical instruments, spoken word bios on numerous classical composers and a quiz to test your present knowledge, a cyber-glossary of music terminology as well as her own phrases, and a fucking jukebox that you can plays 5 new songs included on the CD as well! She performs Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie, Paganini's Caprice #9, Bach's Partita 3 and attacks with two originals, Goddess and Cyberspeed. Oh...and I can't forget the 2 Kat screen savers (though I'm still trying to get them to work properly)! I am left speechless as I stare at this CD. A humbling that I badly needed arrived and yet I still wonder if I will ever get my act together enough to follow through with any of my goddamn aspirations. The one main thing I really seem to want today more than ever is a heavy metal band exclusively about hating and killing people. Perhaps after that, I can have some closure...well, anyway...getting back to THE GREAT KAT, Digital Beethoven On Speed is the mark of a traveler, teacher and prophet. Anyone who feels this woman and her work are a farce should have a look-see at what I've discovered here. This damn thing is so well put together, maybe I should be the one going out and buying razor blades. THE GREAT KAT is taking care of many things, and I see some of the results now.


Abbas Jaffary