The Lord Weird Slough Feg - "Down Among The Deadmen"
Dragonheart/Doomed Planet

To prevent myself from writing a whole story for once again*1, as I did in their previous album "Twilight Of The Idols", I will only say this: EPOS! Simply EPOS!!! Nothing more.
Thinking of what they will release after such a great album like the previous album and in my agony on how it is, I couldn't wait! Finally, after silence of a year and a half approximately, Slough Feg invade our shores with their hyperborean ships "Sky Hariots", coming from the land of the dream TIR-NAN-OG to remind us that true METAL is not dead! "Down Among The Deadmen" is their new celtic musical journey and contains 13 lands (songs) with warriors, trolls, caldrons, monsters, kings and demons. The stateliness of the kind of the music they play, dominates and sticks on the wall the audient. The production of this album is a little bit better than "Twilight Of The Idols" without having lost its tone, style and sound of music that the particular genre of METAL needs.
However, for myself and, I believe for all those who listen to this style of music, I don't think that this UNDERGROUND American Sound will desplease them, since that is the way it has to sound.
My most favorite tracks of this album, are: Sky Chariots, Warriors Dawn, Beast In The Broch, Fergus Mac Roich, Cauldron Of Blood, Death Machine and others.
Strange and sometimes original alterations embrace every song of this album, even though this is a sign of recognition of SLOUGH FEG and their music. I also have to say something I missed in their previous review: Slough Feg will remind you very much of THIN LIZZY (Hell of a band!!!) since MIKE (guitarist-vocalist) states to be a fanatic fan of LIZZY, but, anyway, THIN LIZZY have influenced 80% of METAL music. And most of all, of course, we have to say about Mike's voice, that releases a special tone that completes the epos of their music and this is very basic for a band. Also, in the album there is a song from their demos and it is called "Marauder", which is something I do not have to talk about. I simply wish that they will do that again some moment, because they have a lot of other fucking great epic and unrelease tracks.
The cover is done for once again by EROL OTUS whi did the one of their last LP as well, giving them a character that reflects their music, savage and noble. And again, they have a traditional celtic song just like their previous LP, which was "Brave Connor Mac", this one is called "Beast In The Broch". And something for the end that impressed me is DEATH MACHINE, which is the unreleased song of Metallica, from the "RIDE THE LIGHTNING-KILL'EM ALL" era, which is top-ranking too, of course! Of course, it has nothing to do with copying.
The celtic epos continues with SLAINE by our side!

Metal Warrior

PS: Another fucking great album from the same band...

*1: Note from the chief editor (Slatan): Yeah, but it seems like you WILL again, eventually, no matter what! As if you can prevent it... (a re trompa, xaxaxa!!!). Now it is ME the one who has to type, and type, and type... ... ... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!