The Metal Crush Fanzine - Issue 1 - September 1999
It's always a pleasure to see that there are still people who try to do something about the scene! From our island (Crete) comes this 38 A4 (B/W printing with colorful cover) fanzine with interviews of Grace Digger, Metalium, Exhumation, Nightfall, Dark Tranquillity. It also includes some opinions of the editors concerning the Rockwave Festival. There are many different opinions in these reviews, as far as the headliners (Manowar) are concerned (I would agree with the one of George Gkousetis). So, it also includes a few words about the strong Metal Radios of Chania (this city seems to have metal flowing in it's veins, always in comparison with the DEAD one - Heraklion). It includes 50 reviews (from which the last 6 are exclusively for the Grave Digger's "Excalibur"). Yes, it is a very good try and I wish these guys will manage to do more! Sure worthy to support.

The fanzine is printed in GREEK language and it is available with 800 drahmas from:
George Gkousetis, 30 Manousogiannakidwn str, 73 100, Chania, Crete - Greece


Don't expect a mark, I don't think I can put one!


Dimitris "Slatan" Petrakis