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HELL ON EARTH! I think this phrase is quite representative of what to expect, from Twin Obscenity's 2nd LP... I wasn't quite sure of what I was about to listen, just because of the cover and the title of the album. "For Blood, Honour And Soil"... quite epic, I would say, isn't it? Well... I don't know if there are epic elements in the lyrical concept of the album, as the promo cd does not have any... What I know, is that this CD offered me 46 minutes of total corruption! Evil, brutal, atmospheric, dark, melodic and... BLACK! An atmosphere that will dissapoint few. Slow in some parts, extremely fast in other... Etherial female vocals that travel the listener's mind away, in distant heavens. If you want to imagine this atmosphere, the informations I received with this cd, have a great description: "Imagine the impenetrable, dark Norwegian woods by night, when only frail streams of silver moonlight fall through to the ground. Animated by the creatures of the night, one can also picture hordes of ancient soldiers still riding on their war horses and desperately looking for a moment of rest in their never ending battle...". 9 songs form the cd... Atle's great voice, reminded me a bit the vocals of Gunther (Ancient Rites)! What I liked with the vocals, is that they are NOT the usual black metal vocals, like everyone uses... Atle Wiig is different! He also plays guitars (awesome riffs) and amazing melodies on the keyboards! What amazed me a lot, was also the drummer... Knut's drums accompanies every song perfectly. As the cd starts with "In Glorious Strife", I thought that Knut was in a hurry, don't know the reason though! Anyway, I will not have to talk more, you got the picture! I highly recommend this release to all the friends of the good, atmospheric, melodic black metal! Let the war begin!


Dimitris «SLATAN» Petrakis

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